We are sure you’ve heard the words OMNI-CHANNEL MARKETING being floated around, but what is exactly is it?

Essentially omni-channel marketing is the process of providing a seamless experience regardless of the channel you are using. It transforms your marketing initiatives into one cohesive unit vs the silo approach. In the past marketing was compartmentalized (meaning each channel basically functioned on its own) where as an omni-channel marketing approach takes all of your marketing efforts and blends them together into one unified front. It means consumers receive a seamless and consistent message across all of your marketing channels from online to in-store and so forth.

For years we have embraced the approach of creating unified omni-channel marketing initiatives for our clients drawing on our in-house expertise to produce a full range of marketing programs for retailers, health care professionals, manufacturers, event professionals, consumer packed goods brands and more.

To discuss how Shift Marketing can help you embrace omni-channel marketing for your brand or organization feel free to connect with one of our marketing professionals.